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The ten best musical acts in London right now

Posted at 10:00 am, August 6, 2012 in Music & Nightlife
Factory Floor

Some people will try to tell you that musical taste is subjective, that everyone is entitled to like what they like, and that there’s no need to list things in order to work out what’s ‘best’. To which we, at Time Out, say WRONG! We are adamant there is such a thing as a great band, and that ten of these exist in London right now. And luckily for you all we’ve written about them, with videos of some of their best works, and a fantastic Spotify playlist to boot.

OK, maybe we are being a bit sensationalist, but what’s for certain is that we truly believe in the quality of the ten acts we’ve included. Some people might wonder why those bands that have made London famous worldwide haven’t been picked. We haven’t, for example, mentioned the C-word (Coldplay, if I have to be specific). Bands like Factory Floor (above), Slime, Savages and Troyka are niche interest right now, but they deserve to go on to gain bigger audiences. Any idea of what’s ‘best’ is sure to be subjective, we can admit, but part of the fun of music criticism is the debate.

Take a look, add your comments and tell us who else we should be looking out for at timeout.com/music.

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