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Lesser spotted animals on the tube

Posted at 2:30 pm, August 8, 2012 in Fun London, Photos of London, Transport

A fox! A fox on my bloody tube. twitter.com/stephen_ebert/…

— Stephen Ebert (@stephen_ebert) August 6, 2012


We were delighted to see Stephen Ebert’s tweet making the rounds last night, and judging by the thousands of retweets it got, we weren’t alone. So on that note, here are some of our other favourite animal-on-transport moments…

The escalator didn’t outfox this plucky little fella:

Even the escalators haven't outfoxed this little guy.

Being a cat is no barrier to enjoying the Underground:

Cat checking tickets. (c) chubbster, Flickr

Photo: Richard Huckle.

Especially if you hitch a ride with a human:

Or hitch a ride with a human companion. (c) Ben Walmsley

Photo: Ben Walmsley

Bob the Angel Tube Cat and his companion James ride the Tube together all the time:

Bob the Angel Tube Cat and his owner James ride the Tube together.

And here’s a rabbit getting comfy on the Central Line:

Bunny on the tube!

Photo: Helena King, via dogsontrains

This chap was spotted in New Malden repeatedly trying to catch a bus with his sheep. But sadly, he wasn’t allowed:

Caution: sheep aren't allowed to ride on buses. Photo: Ollie Millroy

Photo: Ollie Millroy

They were left feeling a bit sheepish about the whole thing:

He was left feeling a bit sheepish. Photo: Ollie Millroy.

Although no one is as as cheeky as this guy in Wales trying to take his horse on the train:

Horse on a train. Well, almost.

Nice try.

Like cute dogs on trains? Check out dogsontrains.tumblr.com.

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