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Let ‘The Rock Games’ begin…

Posted at 3:30 pm, August 8, 2012 in Music & Nightlife, Olympics & Paralympics, TV
The Rock Games

The British sporting tradition is often one of amateurism, and it’s in this spirit that 5 Live ‘New Music Expert’ Jamie Stangroom has put together an alternative Olympics in his flat with (minimal) funding from the BBC. Forget technology, sponsorship, and indeed competence: ‘The Rock Games’ are a shambles. Its saving grace is a weird and wonderful series of celebrity cameos: so far Alexandra Burke has outgunned Slash (with rubber bands) and Kaiser Chiefs have faced up to Chris Kamara at flick football. Other competitors include Jeff Wayne, Rush, The Enemy and The View, and Jessie J’s in charge of the ticket office. Keep an eye on Alice Cooper as the Olympic Flame (above), and Kiss’s Gene Simmons (menacing) and Paul Stanley (totally spaced out) as ‘games-masters’. The impressive cast-list, including a medal-worthy appearance from the mighty Sir Christopher Lee as guest announcer, is reason alone to give ‘The Rock Games’ a watch. James Manning

For info, see bbc.co.uk.

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