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15 things we learnt at the Olympic Closing Ceremony

Posted at 12:30 pm, August 13, 2012 in Music & Nightlife, Olympics & Paralympics
Olympic Closing Ceremony © London 2012

We made our predictions about what would hopefully be in the Olympic Closing Ceremony and although we were pretty damn close, sadly many of the things on our wish list didn’t materialise (they missed a trick not having the Queen with a jetpack). However, we did learn a few valuable life lessons which we wanted to share with you. 

Yes, The Spice Girls are so old they now require Zimmer frames.

Victoria Beckham Closing Ceremony

We learnt Katy Perry doesn’t give singing lessons as she walks down the aisle

Russell Brand at the Closing Ceremony

Both Emma Bunton and Eric Idle proved to be massive taekwondo fans

Eric Idle at the Olympic Closing Ceremony

Spice Girls at the Olympic Closing Ceremony

Don’t sing ‘it’s not about the money, money, money’ from a chauffer-driven £300,000 Rolls Royce

Jessie J at the Olympic Closing Ceremony

Britain showed off its commitment to recycling by reusing bits from ‘Queen – Live at Wembley ‘86’

Freddie Mercury at the Closing Ceremony

BoJo’s hips don’t lie

Boris dancing

Rumours that the newspaper-print set would wrap up the world’s biggest fish ‘n’ chips were untrue

Closing Ceremony

You shouldn’t use the Closing Ceremony to plug your new record

George Michael at the Closing Ceremony

The mini London skyline should go fill the London-shaped hole on the Las Vegas strip

Closing Ceremony

John Lennon’s plea for us to ‘imagine there’s no countries’  shouldn’t be the Olympics theme song

John Lennon's Imagine

The Nineties are back, big stylee

Fatboy Slim at the Closing Ceremony Stomp at the Closing Ceremony

Traffic cone headwear is going to all the rage next season. Gareth Pugh says so

Gareth Pugh's costumes for the Pet Shop Boys

Annie Lennox is Queen of the Goths

Annie Lennox at the Closing Ceremony

People are still mourning for Paul ‘the predictor’ Octopus

Closing Ceremony

Every party should have Grace Jones hula hooping. Fact.

Grace Jones

Last night’s biggest winner: Danny Boyle.

Last night’s biggest loser: Everyone who has to go back to Nolympic reality this morning.

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