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Keep an eye out: London’s most observant graffiti

Posted at 8:30 am, August 16, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, Photos of London
Eye in the Sky

Ever feel like someone is watching you as you wander? We may have the answer. Over the past two years, council blocks all over the city have grown a set of eyes and though it may sound menacing, the colourful, exaggerated peepers have a much more uplifting and inspiring message than the CCTV trailing your every move. Graffiti group ATG decided to remind some neglected London communities that they still have control over their own surroundings by bringing a bit of creativity to the area. Since December 2010, the eyes, accompanied by inspirational slogans, have been popping up all over town and now you will be able to view them in one place. The Stolen Space gallery will be showing a collection of screen prints, originals and photographs, as well as launching a limited-edition hand-bound book. Carly-Ann Clements

For info, see stolenspace.com.

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