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What do you think of the ‘New Taxi for London’?

Posted at 3:30 pm, August 16, 2012 in Technology, Transport
Current taxi for London vs new taxi for London

We’re all familiar with the stubby-yet-cuddly curves of the iconic London black cab. But now there’s a new challenger on the scene, in the wedge-shaped form of Nissan’s ‘New Taxi for London.’

New legislation means that taxi drivers can’t drive a vehicle more than fifteen years old, so many are replacing their current motor with something more up-to-date. And although the London Taxi’s Company classic design will remain on the market, Nissan think they can grab a share of the Hackney carriage trade with their cheaper, more fuel-efficient people carrier. But which one would you rather see on the streets of the city?

The results:







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