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Monsters, zombies and robots take over London at @scalabeyond

Posted at 1:15 pm, August 18, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment
King Kong vs Godzilla

You thought the Olympic tourists were a problem. Well, from tonight until Sept 29, London will be overrun by monsters. And zombies. And killer robots, mutants, aliens, hired killers, drug addicts, vampires, cowboys, and scantily clad European women grooving to psychedelic prog rock. But mostly, the city will be overrun by film clubs. In pubs and parks, cultural centres and art galleries, studios and even a few ‘proper’ picture houses, the Scala Beyond festival aims to reclaim the spirit of London’s fondly remembered fleapit with a season of screenings, double bills and wild all-night events across the capital (and, indeed, the country). We asked some of the festival’s programmers to select the event they‘re most excited about, and over the next six weeks we’ll post the results here on the Time Out blog so you can keep up to date with the best things happening across the festival.

Justin Harries of cult film programmers Filmbar70

His recommendation
Zipangu Fest and Cigarette Burns Cinema’s ‘Triple Creature Double Feature’ at the Prince Charles Cinema on August 22.

What is it?
A double bill of Japanese monster madness, with ‘King Kong vs Godzilla’ followed by the wonderfully titled ‘Matango: Fungus of Terror’.

Why will it be great?
‘Considering the eruption of delirious entertainment that is Scala Beyond, the task of picking a particular night is tricky. From a celebration of the thinking man’s cult celluloid maverick Larry Cohen to the psychosexual obsessions of Jess Franco to the glorious glamour of the “SexyTime” book launch, my brain is scrambled. However, it has to be the hyperactive collision of joyful juvenilia and pulpy body horror that is the “Triple Creature Double Feature”, not simply for my lifelong allegiance to the “Big G”, but for the darned hard work the backroom boys put into making this happen.’

For more information on the films being shown, check out timeout.com/film.

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