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Cat-a-tonic: lend a helping paw

Posted at 3:15 pm, August 19, 2012 in News
Celia Hammond Animal Trust

London’s should be feeling pretty smug right now. The big sporty thing went well, we’re having some half decent weather, and that new 38 routemaster is still looking pretty snazzy. Life ain’t half bad. But do you ever wonder how you can give back in small and actually enjoyable ways? There are so many places to volunteer in London that it can be a bit overwhelming, but one place always in need of a helping paw is the Celia Hammond Animal Trust. They provide low cost neutering and treatment for cats and dogs, as well as refuge for any abandoned kitties. Needless to say they have a LOT of cats (especially now, as it’s kitten season) and they desperately need volunteers for a big variety of roles. Perfect for all you animal lovers hankering after feline friends but stuck with tiny flats/allergic partners/dogs/cat fetishes (actually, this isn’t advised if you have the last one).

For info, see celiahammond.org.

Celia Hammond Animal Trust

Kittens at the Celia Hammond Animal Trust Celia Hammond Animal Trust

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