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Ten acts you need to listen to at Reading festival

Posted at 3:30 pm, August 24, 2012 in Music & Nightlife

This year’s Reading Festival offers ever-reliable headliners such as The Cure, Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian and the Foo Fighters. But while these acts are festival veterans, delve a little deeper into this year’s line-up and you’ll find some hidden gems away from the main stage. With so many bands and so little time, let Time Out introduce ten bands you need to see at Reading 2012 – regardless of how hungover you are.


Where? Festival Republic Stage
When? 1.20pm, Friday

FIDLAR – which stands for “Fuck It Dog, Life’s A Risk” for those of you wondering – are a group of four Los Angeles skaters. So far, so familiar, but their music is anything but your run-of-the-mill Blink 182-lite pop-punk. FIDLAR’s brand of scuzzed-up garage rock epitomises everything rock should be: exhilarating, filthy, exciting and catchier than herpes. This promises to be a lot of fun.

Deap Vally

Where? Festival Republic Stage
When? 12.35pm, Friday

Sometimes the best things come out of attending needlework classes. If you don’t believe us, have a listen to Deap Vally, the LA duo who first bonded over a shared love of cross-stitch last year. The pair – Lindsey Tory and Julie Edwards – produce a stunning dirty blues racket, pummelling the unsuspecting listener into submission in a series of short, sharp bursts. Don’t miss what could be one of the highlights of the festival.

Apologies, I Have None

Where? Lock-Up Stage
When? midday, Sunday

Proving not every band at Reading has to be a swirling mess of spiky hair and buzzsaw guitars, Apologies, I Have None produce the kind of singalong punk rock anthems that would make their ’70s forefathers proud. The Londoners, who released their debut album ‘London’ earlier this year, should inject enough energy to kill any lingering remains of a Sunday morning hangover.

Post War Glamour Girls

Where? NME / Radio 1 Stage
When? midday, Saturday

Leeds four-piece Post War Glamour Girls write brooding numbers that have left fans and critics falling at their feet. Boasting a keen sense for the dramatic and the ability to swing from haunting to beautiful at a moment’s notice, the buzz around this band will only grow in future months.


Where? Festival Republic Stage
When? 1.20pm, Sunday

Fresh from touring with the likes of The Horrors, big things are expected of this much-hyped London five-piece. Toy are helping to breathe new life into post-punk by adding a healthy dose of psychedelia. Dubbed in some quarters as ‘the most exciting band in Britain today’, with their intense energy it’s not hard to see why – Toy sound like a band who know they’re destined for greater things.

Cast of Cheers

Where? Festival Republic Stage
When? 11.55am, Sunday

Remember 2005? You know – when nothing was cooler than a band that played danceable post-punk? Cast of Cheers certainly do and seem hell-bent on getting the world to dance to their infectious riffs and shout along to their catchy choruses. Picking up the baton dropped by others, Cast of Cheers are re-igniting interest in a tired genre. Time to dust off your dancing shoes.

Jake Bugg

Where? Festival Republic Stage
When? 4.25pm, Saturday

After supporting the Stone Roses and Noel Gallagher, the whole world now has a vague idea who Jake Bugg is. Writing mature folk-rock songs influenced by Bob Dylan and Don McClean, he wouldn’t have sounded out of place in such company if he was releasing records 50 years ago. We could add that Bugg is a mere baby-faced teenager from Nottingham – but you’d never believe us, so we’ll just keep schtum.

We Walk On Ice

Where? BBC Introducing Stage
When? 6.25pm, Sunday

A London-based duo with a sense for the dramatic, We Walk On Ice offer a sound far greater than the sum of its parts. Blending surf guitars, electronic drums and ethereal harmonies, the pair create rich pop that is haunting and infectious in equal measure. Think of a more challenging, intriguing and arty Best Coast and you’re part-way there.

Theme Park

Where? Festival Republic Stage
When? 12.25pm, Saturday

With a handful of singles under their belts and a debut album out later this year, Theme Park have already gained support in all the right places, earning themselves a ‘next big thing’ tag in the process. Although not your stereotypical Reading band, their bubbly pop is guaranteed to inject some sun into an otherwise shady tent – and will doubtless be rammed with expectant fans.

Dear Prudence

Where? BBC Introducing Stage
When? 2.05pm, Saturday

It goes without saying, if you’re going to name your act after a Beatles song, you need to be good. Fortunately for Brighton four-piece Dear Prudence, their name isn’t the only thing that defines them. Boasting a new wave sound that is sprinkled with pop, they’re catchy enough to win over an army of new fans at Reading. Of course, having an super hot lead singer won’t do them any harm either. Peter Ellender

Stage times correct at time of publication, but may be subject to change.

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