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Weight watchers: how do London Zoo’s animals measure up?

Posted at 5:45 pm, August 24, 2012 in Fun London, News
Zoo weigh in © Rob Greig

What could be cuter than photos of animals? Perhaps some snaps of them getting weighed, measured and categorised at the annual London Zoo weigh-in?! Every year, each of the zoo’s 16,000-odd critters are either looked over to make sure they’re fit and healthy. Methods for the more awkward animals included wall-mounted tape for measuring the giraffes, while owls were tricked on to the scales via a cunning perch-like contraption. But what more could you want than a penguin on a tiny electronic scale? Look at him. Couldn’t you just pinch his wickle fwipper?

Visit these cuties at London Zoo this weekend.

London Zoo weigh in © Rob Greig

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