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Hot stuff: @TheHeatwave’s Notting Hill Carnival secrets

Posted at 5:15 pm, August 25, 2012 in Music & Nightlife
Notting Hill carnival

Bashment party crew The Heatwave host a weekly show on Rinse FM and are taking over a carnival float on Monday. Here, they share their tips for an unforgettable Notting Hill Carnival experience…

Expect the best from everyone
You have to go to Carnival with a big smile and a positive attitude. Carnival’s all about happiness and celebration – the friendlier you are the more love you’ll be shown by other people. Leave all stereotypes and assumptions at home. Even the big groups of teenage boys have just come out to have fun and chat up girls.

Be stylish but don’t follow fashion
It doesn’t really matter what you wear. Forget about designer names and the latest look – it’s not that kind of party. Just do your own thing.

Come and rave with us on a float
The best way to see Carnival is from the back of a truck, with everyone going mad around you. We are taking over a truck on Monday, so come and join us.

A little drink goes a long way
If you want to feel wild, drink neat rum. Don’t drink beer as you will spend all day searching for a toilet. There’s a dancehall phrase, ‘nuh behaviour’ which means acting recklessly (though not in an antisocial way) and chucking all manners and formality out the window. Alcohol facilitates this!

Be a tiny bit sensible
Despite all the letting go and acting bad, it’s worth using your common sense as well. Wear comfortable shoes and pack a bag with the following bits of kit: light raincoat, bottle of water, spare lighter, a packet of Rizla, a whistle and a horn. Coconut water will keep you hydrated, and energy drinks will keep you going.

Find the Bashment soundsystems
Find somewhere you like and party hard rather than spending energy walking around in circles. These are the liveliest places to rave. We love reggae, dub and roots, but when we’re drunk and dancing it’s all about Lord Gelly’s, King Tubby’s and Nasty Love playing up-to-the-moment bashment.

Eat a roti with channa and pumpkin
Roti is a south Asian flatbread, but it’s big in the Caribbean as well. Channa is spiced chickpeas and it’s a nice, healthy way to keep your energy levels going all day. Try some coco bread, fried fish or curry mutton if you see it.

Dance with a stranger
A bit of saucy dancing is vital. If you don’t know what to do, just act as un-English as possible. No tension, awkwardness or over-politeness. Listen to the lyrics in the soca hits and just act accordingly.

The Heatwave’s carnival float appears on Monday August 27, with a Hot Wuk after-party the same night at East Village. Listen to their Carnival mix to get your party started.

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