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Apples, acrobatics and athletes: the Paralympics Opening Ceremony

Posted at 3:30 pm, August 30, 2012 in Olympics & Paralympics
Paralympics Opening Ceremony © Kiran Shukle

After watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony from the comfort of our sofa, we wanted to get a bigger slice of the action for the Paralympics and see what it was like from inside the stadium. With the buzz of the Olympics still bouncing around the city, expectations were high for another unforgettable evening – and we got just that. Noticeably smaller than its Olympic equivalent, last night seemed lower key, concentrating on the athletes who are normally left out of the limelight, rather than being a spectacle in itself.

Stephen Hawking took us on an emotional roller coaster making us contemplate existence, Paralympians flew through the air and performers were suspended above the stadium with giant coloured umbrellas (yes, England does get a fair amount of rain, let’s not dwell on it!). Weather jibes aside, although we really didn’t get the whole trying-to-break-the-world-record for apple crunching thing, the weird and wonderful evening championed that disability was something to be proud of. All in all, although it was no Danny Boyle, the whole night was a spectacular start to what hopes to be the most successful Paralympic Games in history. Kiran Shukle

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