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It’s crunch time: are you a climber or a Walker?

Posted at 8:30 am, August 30, 2012 in Fun London
Walkers Deep Ridged Climbing Wall

Who hasn’t opened a packet of Walkers only to find the largest crisp imaginable before taking the obligatory Instagram snap and devouring said salty snack in one exaggerated bite? Well, we’re sorry to tell you this but there is no way you’ve had Britain’s biggest crisp and we have proof. To celebrate the launch of the Walkers Deep Ridged crisps, a 22 metre high crisp has been erected outside east London’s Old Truman Brewery. And if that wasn’t extreme enough for you, it’s also Britain’s tallest freestanding climbing wall. The wall will be free to climb from today until Sunday September 5 and you could be in with a chance to appear in the new TV advert.  Just don’t attempt to eat the wall, that’ll be awkward for everyone. Carly-Ann Clements

For more info, see facebook.com.

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