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Britain’s Cat Talent (with added gifs!)

Posted at 10:00 am, September 4, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
'Shortears Began And Sung A Solo. Then All The Cats Joined And Sung The Chorus To Madame's Satisfaction', Louis Wain - © Louis Wain/Chris Beetles Gallery London

If YouTube has taught us anything, it’s that cats are pretty much the funniest things ever. No one can resist a cat eating from chopsticks or an air suckling kitten so it’s no wonder there’s an exhibition dedicated to the little purr machines. The 32nd Annual best of British Cat Art exhibition proves that cats have been a popular subject well before Bagpuss yawned his way into our hearts. This year there’ll be over 200 paintings bringing a varied offering to please even the fussiest of cat lovers. Head down to the Chris Beetles Gallery before September 8 and have a pawfect time. Dog lovers need not apply. Carly-Ann Clements

For more info, see Britain’s Cat Talent listing

As we’re beavering away at our desks bringing you all the latest happenings, we can’t head down to the exhibition right now so we’ve put together some classic cat gifs that have been keeping us entertained in Time Out towers.

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