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Very small or very far away? Tourist tat in perspective

Posted at 8:30 am, September 4, 2012 in Fun London, Photos of London
Michael Hughes Big Ben Optical Illusion

We’ve all gone on holiday and fallen into the tourist trap of buying anything that looks remotely like the landmark. For most people, these useless pieces of tat now just gather dust on your aunty’s mantelpiece, but one traveler has found a novel way to inject the fun back into that statue of Big Ben you’ve never been able to get rid of. Photographer Michael Hughes has created a series of optical illusions by placing London souvenirs in front of their corresponding landmarks. The simple yet inspired concept has been taken all over the world but we think the London pictures are the best, obvs. Like a proper English buffet, please excuse the fingers. Carly-Ann Clements

To see more of Michael’s work, see hughes-photography.eu.

Michael Hughes Optical Illusions


Michael Hughes Tower Bridge Optical Illusion


Michael Hughes Abbey Road Optical Illusion

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