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What will the Olympic legacy be? London’s bloggers make their predictions

Posted at 5:15 pm, September 9, 2012 in Fun London, Olympics & Paralympics
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In this digital age attention spans are short and events disappear quickly, but with something as big as the Olympics, surely there’ll be something to remember years down the line? We asked some of London’s finest bloggers what they think the Olympic legacy will be.

Miss Immy’s London
‘The way the Olympics has completely transformed east London (physically, but also through people’s perceptions of the area) is already a huge legacy. East is already great. Now it’ll just be even greater!’

Henry: ‘I hope the legacy will be a boosted economy, renewed national pride and a generation of aspirational kids. My dread is a budget-crippling mistake that confirms the UK as a has-been in the eyes of the world. I suspect we’ll end up somewhere in the middle.’
Matt: ‘I think the British people will become obsessed with the athletic ideal of bodily perfection and rise up as new breed of svelte, iron-pumping warrior folk.’

Tired of London
‘London will consolidate its latest efforts to reassert itself as a global capital of culture, and Vanity Fair will ‘find’ a new British person to put on their front cover. More foreign millionaires will decide to make our city their home, which will boost the economy but at a cost to ordinary people. East London will have plenty more empty ‘luxury flats’ which are owned by absentee landlords and unaffordable to the common man. Boris will take another step closer to leading the Conservative Party. We will form strong bonds with China over our shared Olympic experiences.’

Bollards of London
‘The ‘Legacy’ should be a national sporting arena; no football or Formula 1. Transfer the stadia to the Mayors office and leave the place intact for children, schools, universities and athletes to use.’

‘It will all come down to how people do, how many records are broken and how well us Brits perform in our own backyard. Let’s hope we are remembered for how well London hosted the Olympics which could then help us score future sporting events, and not for any kind of shambles.’

Better Never Than Late
‘I think the legacy of the Olympics will be a once in a lifetime London atmosphere, where patriotism and international triumph merge and form the foundations of an improved sporting community in London and beyond.’

What do you think the legacy will be? Comment below. Missing the Olympics? Check out the Paralympics.

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