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Frog croaks it in a bag of Shoreditch spinach

Posted at 3:00 pm, September 18, 2012 in News
Dead frog found in a bag of spinach

Well, London. We don’t quite know what to make of this. After yesterday’s ratty discoveries, it seems that more surprise meat has been found in east London and this one’s even more of a mystery. According to reports, an actress from Shoreditch has found a dead frog in a bag of Tesco spinach. She and her vegetarian friend were shocked by the discovery after preparing their meal ( how did they not notice it before it was mixed with the carrots?!) but have been fully compensated with a £10 Tesco gift voucher and an apology. This isn’t the first time a frog has croaked in a salad – just last week a similar incident happened in Northolt and a live frog was found in Hampshire. We’re all for trying new stuff over here at Time Out Towers, but we’re not sure about these new additions to the London dining scene. Carly-Ann Clements

For more info, see standard.co.uk.

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