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Spotted: everyday objects on the tube

Posted at 8:30 am, September 18, 2012 in Fun London, Transport
Dog on the tube

@tube_boob is a Londoner with a love for the tube. To celebrate the great underground’s idiosyncrasies, they started tweeting at @tube_boob to capture some classic tubetastic moments and taboos. Here they look at travellers with some interesting tube luggage…

‘We’ve all encountered some people on the tube doing crazy things, but when you add unusual items of luggage to the mix, these folks can’t help but draw even more attention to themselves. Like props in a stage show, these ordinary (or sometimes extraordinary) items add an extra dimension to the art of people-watching… and a touch of entertainment to a boring journey.

That pitifully meowing cat-in-a-basket might need to go to the vet, but does it really need to be subjected to a crowded tube? And dogs are a far more common sight, but when it’s a bouncing puppy or a huge Great Dane they can cause quite a stir. Recently a man was forbidden to board a bus with his sheep, even though it was on a leash. There are weird and wonderful items: samurai swords, wedding dresses, power tools, large and unidentifiable musical instruments; and the more mundane: bicycles, buggies and sports equipment. The London Underground Lost Property Office is certainly testament to this.

That ‘back to school’ time of year, when droves of students move house, is always an interesting time on the Underground. Here you can observe bulging black bin liners, microwave ovens, hefty books and hairdryers and kettles dangling precariously by their electrical cords, all lugged about by groups of girls sweating in their uni hoodies and Uggs. Mind the gap.

Those that have actual furniture (unlike the students) can be found at the weekends, having gone mad buying flatpack furniture at Ikea. I once saw a man prevented from boarding the Northern line with a long curtain pole (‘You can’t get on with that, mate, it’s longer than the train!’), so who knows how others manage to sneak on, or even fit through the doors, with the likes of a full double bed (with mattress gaffer-taped to the frame) or set of ornate dining chairs.

Ah, chairs. One of the best tube_boobs, especially when it’s on wheels and the train brakes hard. Not only is it hilarious to see someone sitting in their OWN seat, but it sparks an interesting debate: did they just buy that chair, are they moving it, or did they bring it purely to sit on in transit?’

For more tube gold, follow @tube_boob on Twitter.

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