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Rustling wrappers? Sneaky mobile? Watch out for the cinema ninjas

Posted at 2:00 pm, September 19, 2012 in Fun London
Cinema Ninjas

Who among us has not dreamed of silencing London’s legion of cinema yackers or noisy neighbours? Dream no more: at last, the Prince Charles Cinema has come up with an idea that will allow us to fulfil most of our (nonlethal) revenge fantasies: ninjas.

These vigilantes in black bodysuits are the cinematic stealth patrol, guarding civilisation against impolite mobile phone use, uncalled-for bag rustling and inappropriate tittering. The ninjas are volunteers drawn from the cinema’s members. But is it all a PR stunt? Say it ain’t so! Non-committal PR manager Paul Vickery is unsure whether victimisation of the noisy will become a regular fixture. Shame. ‘Sometimes,’ he admits, ‘there’s no need for ninjas.’

Membership of the Prince Charles Cinema, WC2H 7BY, costs £10 per year, see princecharlescinema.com for more info.

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