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What’s so great about the iPhone 5?

Posted at 10:00 am, September 20, 2012 in Technology
iPhone 5

It’s finally here! After 12 months of anticipation, tomorrow sees the release of the iPhone 5 and Apple have sold well over 2 million in pre-orders already. It’s slimmer, taller, lighter and slicker than previous iPhones and even more beautifully designed. With so many updates and new features, we don’t know how it’s only 112g…

Updated Maps:
Out with the old and in with the new; the maps app is cute, colourful and it rotates – as do the street names so they face the right way – and there’s an amazing photo-realistic satellite view of central London where Big Ben almost pokes your eye out. The update is available on the iPhone 4S , but the iPhone 5’s super-fast processor means everything – everything – just flies on the new model.

Roll-on a new camera:
Everyone knows that you use your camera more than anything else on your phone so an all-new snapper with a wide-open aperture and sensor that pulls in more light is right on the money. It’s still 8MP, but the cool Panorama feature lets you sweep the phone across and stitch the images together as though it were a 28MP camera.

Replacement GameBoy?
Now, the iPhone 5 doesn’t do 3D, so the Nintendo 3DS can rest easy (for now) but the iPhone’s App Store (700,000 and counting) has lots of games and other apps to keep you busy when you’re not, er, busy. Most apps do have black bars at the edges but expect updates to sort this, one app at a time.

Super-duper fast:
If you’re on T-Mobile or Orange you can upgrade to 4G – promising data speeds of five times 3G and more. And London is the first place to get it, in just a matter of weeks.

iPhone queue on 13 Sept (c) Sam Jordan

There’s a lot more to the iPhone 5 which you can discover when it goes on sale tomorrow from 8am. Prices start at £529, though a phone contract will reduce the cost price hugely. Just bear in mind that you might be waiting in line for a while because this guy’s been there since last week’s announcement and the queue is steadily growing behind him.

For more info, see apple.com.

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