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New iPhone prompts Covent Garden conga

Posted at 12:00 pm, September 21, 2012 in Technology
iPhone 5 queue

Thinking of nipping out at lunchtime to pick yourself up a shiny, wafer-thin iPhone 5? Don’t bother. By the time you read this, Apple’s slightly-elongated Jesus-phone will be rarer than steak tartare. How do we know? Because we spent half of this morning in a massive queue snaking around London, starting at the Covent Garden Apple store and ending in what felt like Walthamstow.

And did we, after 90 minutes inhaling the various gases of our enthusiastic co-nerds, get our hands on the gizmo the tech press are calling ‘pretty good’? No. Did we even get within wifi range of the Apple store? No. Were we left feeling silly and suspecting we may have caught a cold? Yes.

Never mind. Maybe if we’re nice to one of these lovely people, they’ll let us have a play with theirs. David Clack

For more info, see apple.com.

iPhone 5 Queue Covent Garden Apple Store part one iPhone 5 Queue Covent Garden Apple Store part two iPhone 5 Queue Covent Garden Apple Store part three Queuing at the Apple Store


Back of the queue

David made it this far in an hour and a half before admitting defeat. Did you last any longer? 

iPhone wait

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