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Warning, this pond bites! Hampstead bloodthirsty crayfish on the loose

Posted at 1:15 pm, September 23, 2012 in News
Hampstead ponds © Britta Jaschinski

Refreshing, beautiful, bloomin’ cold and bloody lovely. That’s how I would describe swimming in the Hampstead Ponds. Sometimes I do get slightly freaked by the murky waters and wonder what little critters are swimming alongside/below me, but usually I’m too busy feeling blissed out and floating along to worry. Not any more. According to the Evening Standard, a vicious breed of crayfish has been breeding in the ponds and is biting innocent swimmers. There are apparently now over 5,000 of these red swamp crayfish in the ponds and the breed is rumoured to be aggressive and have long claws. Yuck. I don’t know about you, but I’m picturing lobsters. Bathers are being advised to make sure they swear swimwear at all times but I would advise a full body wetsuit. That’s what I’ll be sporting if we should suddenly have another freak sunny spell. Sonya Barber

Read more about it at standard.co.uk.

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