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Time Out and about: critics hit the streets to give out magazines

Posted at 6:00 pm, September 25, 2012 in News

Free Time Out © Rob GreigNot only did you hopefully pick up your copy of the new free magazine this morning, but you may well have handed it to you by one of our very own critics. Staff from across the Time Out departments donned the obligatory red cap and jacket and headed to stations bright and early to spread the Time Out love. Even our CEO was out on the streets. Although it isn’t something I would want to do every Tuesday morning, it was a surprisingly exhilarating experience meeting readers and watching them happily go off with a mag tucked under their arm.

If you came through Euston station this morning, I might even have given you a copy. I was clearly born to be a chugger: I was dancing about, jabbering away, chatting to everyone who caught my eye whilst gently thrusting a mag in their hand. I hope you all got yourself a copy, but if not, you can find them in Foyle’s bookstores and most major museums and galleries around the city. Happy Tuesday! Sonya Barber

Find out more about the new free Time Out Magazine and enter our celebratory giveaway at timeout.com/freetickets.

Free Time Out © Rob Greig Free Time Out © Rob Greig Free Time Out © Rob Greig Free Time Out © Rob Greig Free Time Out © Rob Greig


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