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Time Out Magazine goes free! Our editor @TimArthurTO explains all

Posted at 8:00 am, September 25, 2012 in News
Time Out goes free

So the big news at Time Out Towers is that from today (September 25), Time Out London’s magazine is going to be free. From now on you won’t have to go into your newsagents to pick it up; hundreds of lovely men and women will be waiting to meet you off your morning tube or train, eager to hand you a copy. But what if you decide to have a lie in? Well, you’ll still be able to find it throughout the week in coffee shops, museums, theatres, galleries and cinemas all across the city. If you definitely don’t want to miss it you can always take out a subscription (or keep your subscription if you already have one) – it’ll only cost you the price of postage and packaging.

But is it still the magazine we know and love? Although we have made some major changes to the design and content of the magazine at its heart it still has the same aim that it’s always had – to inspire Londoners to make the most of this amazing city. Everyone in the team here has worked late into the night for months to create this evolution of the magazine. We talked to hundreds of readers, have debated long and hard amongst ourselves and have now re-imagined the mag for the 21st century.

It’s bigger, bolder, funnier and I truly believe it’s better. We’re not dumbing it down. We’re not going to lose our integrity. We’re still going to continue to work as hard as we ever have to review and recommend the biggest, best and hottest new talent that London has to offer. We know that some people don’t like change but all we’re asking is that you give us a chance. Pick it up, read it and by all means write to me and tell me what you think. We’ve all worked really hard to create something that we think is relevant, fun and useful to the everyday Londoner and we sincerely hope you like it.

Everyone here is excited about this commitment to quality editorial and to the print product and we’re over the moon that we can now give something back to the city that has given all of us so much over the last 44 years. Above all I hope you’ll be able to feel the passion that we’ve put into every single page because we genuinely believe the we live in the greatest city in the world, and that city just got a little bit better. Tim Arthur, Editor-in-Chief, @TimArthurTO.

Pick up your copy of Time Out today. For more info and to find out how to win loads of amazing things to celebrate, see timeout.com/freemag.

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