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Expose your inner geek at MCM London Comic Con Expo

Posted at 3:30 pm, October 26, 2012 in Fun London
MCM Expo (c) Juliette Crawford

Though the internet has evolved into a mass of information, forecasting and rumours that cater for almost all of your fanatic needs, there are times when you just need to dress up like Doctor Who and head to an event with thousands of like minded people. For the next three days, the ExCel Centre will be flooded with more Princess Leias, Thors and Sailor Moons than Yoda can shake his walking stick at for the MCM London Comic Con Expo. With special appearances from The Doctor himself, Matt Smith, a couple of Misfits and many more, it’s the perfect place to get all the latest news in the world of comics, manga, anime, film, cosplay, games and cult fiction, as well as picking up a couple autographs along the way of course. Carly-Ann Clements

For more info on the MCM London Comic Con Expo, see timeout.com.

If you are planning on heading down, we’ve got a few tips on how to expose yourself in the right way…

Choose a recognisable character:

Chun Li © willydiana

But do try to be a little different:

TARDIS (c) Johnny Byrnes

Such as Rita from Power Rangers


Certainly don’t dress up like Princess Leia in that bikini:

Princess Leias © Johnny Byrnes

And remember, props are key:

Luke Skywalker (c) Johnny Byrnes

You don’t have to be naked to be sexy:

final fantasy 13 (c) Johnny Byrnes © mariannamango

But a little flesh is okay:


Just don’t get carried away:

Cammy (c) Johnny Byrnes

Or you could be arrested for indecent exposure:

Vampirella and Green Lantern (c) Johnny Byrnes

And girls, if you want to dress up like guys, go for it:

Mario Girls

And that goes for you guys too:

Sailor Moon Chun Li

Just don’t mix your characters:

Katamari X-Men

Do get a dressing up buddy:

Mystique and Magneto

And always wear shoes:

(c) Johnny Byrnes

Remember, you’re going to be dressed like that all day:


If you are going all out, details are important:

© willydiana

As is dedication:

Hailo © willydiana © mariannamango

And never, ever, EVER try this at home: 

© 00pkh

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