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2manyDJs return with new film ‘Dave’

Posted at 10:30 am, October 29, 2012 in Music & Nightlife

2manyDJs are back, for the 23rd time! The brothers Dewaele are back to present the penultimate film in their grand Radio Soulwax experiment which has seen the DJs making hour long films to match 24 hour-long mixes of anything from Belgian techno to hardcore punk.

They’ll be appearing live, not behind the decks but onstage at the Curzon Cinema to discuss the newest film, ‘Dave’ – a tale starring a Belgian female model as Low-era Bowie, moonlighting as a private eye who needs to travel through time combating old friends, foes and versions of himself (or herself, androgyny being one of Bowie’s great gifts to the world).

Given that they pronounced their quest ‘insanity’ from the beginning, release from their Herculean (and costly) task must be some relief. But if we know those Belgian boys, their appetite for music won’t be sated long; next thing you know they’ll be attempting to cram the history of recorded music through the eye of a needle. Or at the least to continue their reign over clubland. Davo McConville

Q&A with David and Stephen Dewaele and director Kim Reygaert, hosted by George Lamb, Tuesday November 13, 6.20pm. Tickets cost £15. For more info, see curzoncinemas.com.

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