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Run for your life with the “Zombies, Run!” fitness app

Posted at 6:01 pm, October 31, 2012 in Technology
Zombies, Run!

Fitness fanatics in the Halloween spirit might want to check out Zombies, Run!, a running app with a difference.

Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, ZR! mashes up RunKeeper-style functionality with a zombie-powered narrative that has runners attempting to outpace the undead horde. Each run sees you completing a new mission on behalf of your allies back at base camp, who stay in contact via ‘radio transmissions’ in your headphones, unlocking new sections of the story each time.  (Don’t worry, you can keep listening to your tunes too!) And it works whether you’re  running the streets of London or on your gym’s treadmill.

Mid-run zombie encounters push you to pick up the pace in response, while extra distance will earn you bonus supplies and goodies for your fortress, the progress of which you can enjoy while you’re getting your breath back:

Zombies Run: your fortress grows.

A special beginner-to-5k version for newbies is also available, so get running – when the outbreak finally comes, you’ll be glad you did… – Guy Parsons

Zombies, Run! is available (at 50% off until the end of Halloween!) at the iTunes store, Google Play and Windows Store. For more details, visit ZombiesRunGame.com.