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7 of London’s punniest fast food joints

Posted at 4:00 pm, November 9, 2012 in Food & Drink, Fun London
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Takeaways can bring us joy in many ways: comfort eating on a cold and rainy day, soaking up alcohol after a big night out…  but humour is rarely something you look for in your fast food.  A good pun can win over the best of us, though, and we’ve hunted down the best named takeaways in London…

1. Chick Pizz, Stoke Newington (above) This ‘chicky’ takeaway was featured on Have I Got News For You, who might have taken the ‘pizz’ a little…

2. Dominic’s Pizza, Brockley

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Possibly the sensible big brother to Domino’s, this pizzeria is surely taking the domiMIC.

3. The Saucy Plaice, Roman Road

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Often full of confused “gentlemen” who can’t spell.

4. Fish Inn, Collier’s Wood

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A slight case of ‘does what it says on the tin’ here,  they go fishin’ then serve it up at the Fish Inn.  They also have fish in.

5. Phat Phuc, Chelsea

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The accents on the vowels don’t change anything, this a rude noodle bar in the polite neighbourhood of Chelsea.

6. ThaiTanic, Crouch End

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You might feel like king of the world after visiting this massive Crouch End restaurant.  Just don’t call it unsinkable…

7. Steakout, Norbury

© Steakout

This sounds like the sort of place James Bond might visit, because it’s subtle.

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