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Nick Andrews of @HamburgerMe chooses his five secret London spots

Posted at 5:30 pm, November 9, 2012 in Food & Drink, Top 5
Lucky Chip Bacon Cheeseburger by Nick Andrews

There are a great many experts in the world, on a great many subjects. While we admire their dedication to whichever cause, their obsessions are often a bit obscure to bring joy to many others. But burgers? Now THAT is an obsession we can get behind. And our mouths around. It seems the rest of London feels the same, as meaty pop-ups are gathering longer queues than Alton Towers (well, maybe collectively anyway…). Nick Andrews must have stood in queues for a worrying proportion of his time to get to all the burger places he’s covered on Hamburger Me, and frankly that only strengthens our trust in his burger opinion. Here are his five secret London spots. Ashleigh Arnott

Leather Lane Market
‘A vibrant street food and clothing market in the heart of the city that runs daily during the week. Amongst the street food carts and hawkers is my favourite non-burger offering – Daddy Donkey, a burrito and fajita truck – which churns out some kick-ass Mexican food. As well as the varied food stalls, there are also a spattering of fantastic independent cafes like Prufrock and The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs – both of which are popular lunchtime haunts.’

Wenlock and Essex burger by Nick Andrews

Wenlock and Essex
‘One of my favourite chefs in London, James Morgan, is resident at the Wenlock and Essex and has managed to win places in my top 10 burgers for two fantastic creations – a braised fore-rib cheeseburger, and the ‘Sloppy Joe’.  The Wenlock is situated on Essex road, Islington, so it’s off the well beaten burger track (yes, there is such a thing) but well worth a visit. James is often experimenting with his burgers and sides, so you may find delicacies like braised oxtail doughnuts on the menu when you pop in. There’s also a great range of beers from local microbreweries, craft gins, and other independent drinks to keep you happy while your burger digests.’

Honest Burgers Brixton by Nick Andrews

Honest Burgers, Brixton
‘It ain’t so secret, but for those who manage to make the trek out to the original Honest Burgers site in Brixton Market, they’re still flipping some flipping amazing burgers. Honest do burgers with a distinctly British twist – think mature cheddar, british back bacon, and onion relish all served on blue rimmed enamel crockery. The buzz of Brixton Market is well documented, and Honest Burgers in Brixton is a pretty special place.’

Secret Shake Menu at The Diner
‘OK, so I’m cheating a bit here, it’s not the American-style diner chain that’s the secret, but their secret shake menu, which covers a range of blended and ‘hard’ shakes that include: the Oreo (chocolate and vanilla ice cream with nutella), the snickers (chocolate icecream, nutella, peanut butter, and maple), the Kraken (kraken rum, banana ice cream, lime and maple), and my favourite the Choc Orange (triple sec and chocolate ice cream). Fortunately they also do some good signature burgers, try the Diablo, so you can get your burger on as well as a seriously good malty shake.’

Burger Bear by Nick Andrews

Burger Bear
‘Burger Bear’s chief architect is bearded Bristolian Tom and he’s about as nice a guy as you could hope to be creating great burgers for you. His Grizzly Bear (not a euphemism) is a smoky, brooding creation that contains his own recipe bacon jam, and double oak smoked bacon. All his ingredients are sourced from within the M25 (with the exception of his lettuce, shipped from the distant climes of Cambridge) making food miles a priority. Over the summer he was serving his wares at Red Market, Old St. but he’s currently at Camden Lock and has an exciting new venture up his sleeve, so make sure you get involved by following him on Twitter @burgerbeartom.’

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