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Only the Queen’s nose knows…

Posted at 10:00 am, November 22, 2012 in Fun London, News

What does the Queen smell of? Old corgis, mothballs and horses, perhaps? Not according to the Royal Society of Chemists, who last week presented Her Maj with a special fragrance created by the RSC for her diamond jubilee. The scent is called Adamas, from the ancient Greek for diamonds, and is described by Prof Lesley Yellowlees, the RSC’s president, as representing ‘something that would echo her own interests while having a unique aroma.’ In olfactory terms this apparently translates into a heady mix of Indian jasmine and black pepper, Jamaican pimento leaf, Sri Lankan cinnamon leaf, and Australian sandalwood. A gold star for the readers who spotted that those ingredients cleverly reference many of the Commonwealth countries. Sadly, most Londoners will never be able to sniff the perfume first hand or even glance at its fancy bottle (see video above) as the RSC is guarding the formula in a high security safe in Piccadilly – and as far as we know Her Highness isn’t planning any West End department store launches any time soon. Our shopping editor is going in to give it a big sniff today though, so we will report back. Rebecca Taylor