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What do you get the London Mayor who has everything?

Posted at 4:00 pm, November 23, 2012 in Fun London, News


Surely one of the best things about having as much clout as Boris Johnson is all the free stuff that you must get in the post. Luckily for us, Mr Johnson is required to declare all of the loot he’s received that’s worth over £25 in the City Hall hospitality register. It makes for some pretty interesting reading. Here are a few of the best gifts that have been gifted to Boris over the past few years:

1)      Cowboy hat –  Both a wonderful and terrifying image.

2)      Swiss Cowbell – He does have something of a bovine quality about him.

3)      Painting of a cable car – File this one under the ‘Aw, you really shouldn’t have’ category.

4)      Union Jack Suit – Luckily, plans to replace Geri during the Olympic Closing Ceremony never came to fruition.

5)      Sno Wovel – We have no idea what this is. We just like to imagine Boris saying it.

6)      5 tickets and hospitality to Miley Cyrus show at the O2 – Well, Miss Cyrus and Mr Johnson do have similar hair, except Boris’ Can’t Be Tamed.

7)      Adoption certificate for turtle ‘Boris’ at the London Aquarium – Poor critter.

8)      T-Shirt of Athens 2004 and Souvenir Olive Crown – Gifted in 2008. I went to Athens and all I got…

9)      Paperweight of The Shard – Paperweight… and potential weapon! What more could you want sat on your desk?

10)   2 x Harry Potter wands – Maybe he could magic us up some lower travel fares? You’re a wizard, Boris!

Jonno Hopkins

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