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Five interesting London birthplaces

Posted at 2:00 pm, December 4, 2012 in Fun London, News, Top 5

Buckingham PalaceYou’ll probably have heard the news by now that Kate Middleton is pregnant. But while everybody is panicking over how perfect Kate’s birthing room hair is and what she’ll wear to sport her royal bump, we’re fretting about where the baby will actually be born. In a hospital, perhaps the King Edward VIII where Kate is currently residing with morning sickness (poor gal) or a palace perhaps?  This got us thinking about where other famous people have been born around the capital and it’s thrown up some very interesting results…

1. Lord Byron – John Lewis on Oxford Street
One of the most recently appointed blue plaques shows the birthplace of one of the Romantic period’s most scandalous poets, Lord George Gordon Byron. Fleeing England after a scandal involving affairs with his half sister and other high class ladies, Byron could run rings round womanisers of today (step aside Harry Styles). So it’s strange to think that this all began where John Lewis stands today. Stranger to think our blog editor Sonya Barber was abseiling down it just a month ago…

2. Jerry Springer – Highgate tube station
As you would hope from the master of America’s finest name-and-shame show, Jerry Springer’s own life has been full of drama. Born during a WW2 air raid, his parents were living in London and had to evacuate to Highgate tube station from their Chandos Road home during a bomb threat, where young Jerry decided to make his grand entrance to the world.

3. Prince Charles – Buckingham Palace
Being born in Buckingham Palace is actually fairly rare as the Royal Family have only lived there for the past couple of hundred years. Pregnant royals are often shipped out to the calmer countryside so it’s strange that Prince Charles and Prince Andrew were born there in the 40s. Perhaps there’s a curse over how long it will take you to become king after being born there. Let’s see what happens to his future grandchild….

4. Winston Churchill – a ladies’ dressing room
Although now largely suspected to be an exciting fabrication, Winston Churchill’s background began with being born prematurely in the ‘ladies dressing room’ (or toilet) at a dance. His parents had got engaged three days after meeting, and his mother was rumoured to have had numerous affairs, so the story could have been put in place to cover this up. The scandal clearly didn’t have much of a hold over the young Winston’s life as he went on to be a key historical figure. The dressing room itself has never been named, but is suspected to be in Mayfair.

5. Alan Rickman, Council estate, Acton
While he lived in a castle as Professor Snape, Alan Rickman’s beginnings were a lot more humble. His official biography lists him as being born in a council flat in Acton, West London where his parents lived until he was eight.  This is a slightly far cry from his Notting Hill home with Emma Thompson in ‘Love Actually’, or indeed Sherwood Forest where he played the Sheriff of Nottingham. Victoria Gray

Know any other interesting celeb birth places? Comment below. Get yourself royally excited by checking out our Royal London listings.

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