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The 50 best Christmas songs… ever!

Posted at 3:00 pm, December 4, 2012 in Music & Nightlife
Kanye West

As Noddy Holder once screeched dementedly – it’s Christmas! This means mince pies, marathon TV-watching sessions and, yes, Christmas songs. Although you might hear some tunes so many times you’ll want to want to perforate your eardrums with a candy cane – don’t! You’ll regret it later and, in musical terms, many festive pop songs are great works of art. We’ve decide the celebrate the best of them in this definitive list of Christmas joy.

What’s your favourite Christmas song? Is it a wonderfully uplifting Christmas time number from Macca, or a sombre ’80s ballad from George Michael? Do you prefer kissing under the mistletoe to Mariah, or arguing over Christmas dinner to The Pogues? Listen to all the songs, add your suggestions, and see if any of your favourites made the top ten.

Check out the list at timeout.com/xmassongs.

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