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World’s tourists declare London ‘unfriendly and dirty’ – but secretly love it anyway

Posted at 6:00 pm, December 13, 2012 in Fun London
Dirty London. [Photo: Adam Mart]

We don’t see nothing wrong / with a little grump and grime

We see TripAdvisor are claiming that visitors don’t really like London:

London fails to shine in most of the 10 categories included in the study. The city has ranked second to last in the ‘friendliest locals’ category, with only Moscow worse. And despite the big clean-up in the lead up to this year’s Diamond Jubilee and Olympics, London is ranked 26th in the cleanliness of streets category.

But hang on a second. Cast your mind back to May this year, and you’ll recall an extensive survey conducted by, err, TripAdvisor, that reached a very different conclusion:

LONDON NAMED THE WORLD’S BEST DESTINATION TripAdvisor® today announces the results of its Travellers’ Choice Awards, honouring the top destinations in the world as decided by millions of travellers. London reigned supreme in the awards: it was named the world’s, Europe’s and the UK’s best destination. With the Diamond Jubilee and Olympic Games fast approaching, it’s a well-timed triumph for the capital.

Confused? On the contrary, there’s only one explanation: as grouchy and grubby as we may be, everyone loves us anyway. And maybe, like that boy your mum told you to stop hanging about with, our dissolute ways are all part of the charm. Guy Parsons

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