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‘Tis the season to be trollied: Santacon comes to town

Posted at 9:15 am, December 15, 2012 in Fun London
Santacon © Mat Hampson

Santacon is an annual, alcohol-soaked Father Christmas-themed flashmob and it’s happening today (Saturday 1December 15). Anyone can join in and anything can happen. Alexi Duggins is a veteran. He runs through the dos and don’ts

DO go with the flow
Given that Santacon involves hundreds of inebriated Santas staggering the breadth of the city, chaos is the spirit of the event. Well, that or ethanol. Either way, you will lose people, and it will prove logistically impossible to meet up with pals. Never mind, though. You’ll make many new best friends. Just go with it.

DON’T address anyone by name
At Santacon, it’s not enough to just think like Saint Nicholas. You have to be him. Or at least a rowdy, boozed-up incarnation. You, and everyone else you know, are simply referred to as ‘Santa’.

DON’T go dressed as an elf
In previous years, there’s been an undercurrent of Santa-elf hostility. If you have to go as a little helper, use an imaginative interpretation. Think Elf Garnett, Elfis Presley etc. You should still expect to be pelted with sprouts, though.

DO be prepared to sing
Expect comical chants and witty songs akin to those performed the year that clothing shop Cyberdog hosted several Santas reinterpreting the work of early-’90s dance act 2 Unlimited. (‘THERE’S HO LIMITS!’). Our perennial fave: ‘What do we want? CHRISTMAS! When do we want it? NOW!’.

DO take a belt
Most Santa costumes come with their own belts, but they’re about as useful for holding up trousers as chewing gum is for patching a hole in the ozone layer. Also, make sure you wear real clothes beneath your suit. Within a couple of hours, the cheap material will have worn away, creating a fishnet effect.

DO check the Santacon website on Friday December 14
That’s where the starting point and route will be announced. The site also has details of the afterparty at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, which you’ll need to book in advance.

Santacon takes place on Sat Dec 15. Visit santacon.co.uk for more.

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