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New Metropolitan Police website aims to increase rape reports

Posted at 5:00 pm, December 18, 2012 in News
Metropolitan Police

Rape Crisis is 40 and, as a great article in today’s Guardian states, the need for it is greater than ever. Rape statistics, and thus prevention, are badly affected by the fact that many people choose not to report a rape for fears of losing control of the situation, being challenged and shamed or not having justice served. In an attempt to remedy this and their less than brilliant track record, the Metropolitan Police have created mydecision.co.uk, a website that breaks down the choices a victim has by a chain of events.

Entirely anonymous, the website recommends choices based on what people are comfortable with at each stage, from identifying an attack to reporting a crime. If you choose not to report it to the police, it helps you find the nearest centres that offer counselling or health advice. This is a new initiative by the Metropolitan Police’s ‘Project Sapphire’, the specialised branch of the police that deal with rape and serious sexual assault, but one that they hope will help victims of sexual abuse around the country. It is something that is greatly needed and hopes are that it will increase the level of support and confidence of victims at a time and help bring about justice. Victoria Gray

Visit mydecision.co.uk or learn more about Project Sapphire at met.police.uk/sapphire. Read the Guardian article on Rape Crisis.

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