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Analogue blogs: five web-inspired books

Posted at 3:00 pm, December 21, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
Dear Photo

So the internet’s killing the printed word, is it? Not on the evidence of these web-inspired books…

Shit Girls SayShit Girls Say
The book of the YouTube series of the Twitter feed that celebrates the more inane verbal tendencies of ladykind. Boasts such high-pitched gems as ‘I can’t believe I ate all that’, ‘I love this wrapping paper’ and ‘what’s your dog’s name?’
Get it for: The friend/family member who most recently texted you a sad emoticon.

Hyperbole isn’t particularly hard to come by on the internet, but over at the photo blog that inspired this book, it’s the raison d’être. Cat sleeping in a shop window next to a ‘beware of the cat’ sign? World’s Most Lootable Shop. Piece of furniture on its side in the street? World’s Drunkest Cupboard. And so on.
Get it for: The Facebook friend who channels Comic Book Guy from ‘The Simpsons’ in every. Single. Post.

Shit LondonShit London 2
A second celebration of our great city’s pun-obsessed shops, inept graffiti and instances of general malevolence and decay. To Londoners, it’s a showcase of our ‘unique character’. To everyone else it’s a wonder the Olympics didn’t go to Paris.
Get it for: Your poshest mate – he’ll be completely baffled.

Texts From Dog

Text From Dog
A catalogue of unlikely yet hilarious mobile phone exchanges between one man and his short attention-spanned hound. Scoff ye not – the latter was interviewed by The Guardian earlier this year and the duo’s blog has more than 100,000 followers.
Get it for: Your nan. She won’t get it at all. It’ll be hilarious.

Dear Photograph

Dear Photograph
Photographs of photographs, basically. Less basically: printed images of the past held in front of the same location/landmark depicted by the photograph and then rephotographed. See why we went with basic explanation now? (It also inspired some great parody blogs like dearphotographz.tumblr.com).
Get it for: The old timers in your clan. Some of the shots have a genuinely beautiful poetry to them.

David Clack

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