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Your top 10 favourite blog posts of the year

Posted at 6:15 pm, December 29, 2012 in Fun London

What got you clicking in 2012? Here’s the ten blog posts you loved most…

Dr Who looking miserable in the rain.

1) 35 reasons rain is better than sunshine

It was one of the wettest summers on record, so we tried to make the case that this was actually brilliant news. Desperate to look on the bright side, you made it our most popular blog post of the year! We really are obsessed with the weather, aren’t we?

2) The real meaning behind Adele’s ‘Skyfall’ Bond theme

Our tongue-in-cheek analysis of the 007 title song attracted a huge number of people Googling’ ‘skyfall meaning’, and just like that it reached our #002 spot.

Big Ben Fireworks

3) 36 things that should be in the Olympic Ceremony

With the ceremony’s performers urged to ‘save the surprise’, we hadn’t the foggiest what to expect from Boyle’s imminent spectacular. We had a few suggestions though, many of which actually did feature. (Our most weirdly accurate prediction? A fleeting appearance by bird-based downer Kes.)

Lasers and spotlights burst from The Shard, London.

 4) Look to the skies for the Shard’s epic light show

This hype surrounding the Shard’s inaugural laser display had us well excited, and you were pretty keen on it too. Alas, the reality was somewhat underwhelming.

Gus The Fox logo.

5) Gus the Fox’s guide to London wildlife

London’s sweariest vulpine set the record straight on our city’s fauna, dealing with pigeons (“these guys barely know what day of the week it is”) rats (“there’s fucking loads of them and they taste delicious”) and more besides. Pretty hysterical… and his secret London spots were rather special, too.

Olympic cycling

6) Pants! What a great Olympic package

To make a great post often requires extensive research, a clever angle, and a witty execution. Other times, it just needs three pictures of people looking daft and a pun-based headline. And it’s not just unseemly man-bulges that had you clicking…

Great Wall of Vagina

7) Be part of the Great Wall of Vagina

We gave you the opportunity to have your ladyparts cast in plaster and immortalised in art. Confronted by ‘great wall of vagina’ in your Twitter feed, curiosity got the better of thousands of you, although we’re not sure how many went on to volunteer.

Nips Out for Kate

8) Get your nips out for Kate Middleton

Moving upwards from the groin area… when the Duchess K-Mid got papped topless, these unsettling photos of Kate-masked men with their nipples out appeared as some kind of response. Eighth most read post of the year.

Cumming Street

9) London’s top 10 rude roads

Of our many top 10 roundups this year, only one made it into this leaderboard. And as chance would have it, it was this wryly puerile collection of titter-inducing street names. Cumming Street. Tee-hee.

Google's London offices (Photo courtesy Penson)

10) Five London offices that make business a pleasure

And in tenth place, this envy-inducing look at five super-stylish London offices. Pool tables, cool canteens and luxury sofas abound; but nary a nipple, overstuffed cycle short or plaster labia in sight. Well done you.

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