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New year, the same you…but a bit more fun

Posted at 8:15 am, January 2, 2013 in Fun London
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2012 has been and gone so it’s time to welcome this new year with a new you (don’t worry, the optimism will soon fade). Forget about the usual suspects because we all know that the year long, £50 per month gym membership will lay dormant after the first 14 days and quitting smoking just because you feel like it’s the time to do it will see you soon buying a new pack. We think it’s time to have a bit of fun with your resolutions and choose something you’ll enjoy in 2013.  Carly-Ann Clements

The practical

Make your own clothes
For the love of Pinterest, could arts and crafts be any more popular at the moment? From knitting to jewellery making, what’s more satisfying than creating something from scratch? Use YouTube tutorials and blogs if you want to go it alone, pop to the John Lewis haberdashery department to get some tips or find a class to join (plenty available at The Make Lounge). Soon you’ll be well on your way to being fashionably self sufficient.

Learn a language
If hosting the 2012 Olympics didn’t inspire us, nothing will. Learning a language may be hard but it’s a great excuse to travel and may even help you get a new job.

Become a member
London is packed with museums and galleries, so take advantage of the year-round hubs of entertainment by becoming a member for the year.

The fun

Make a list
Back in July we told you about Ben Wallace and his exploration of our 101 Things to do in London list. What better way to experience new things and get the most out of London than making a list of places you want to see, foods you want to eat and activities you want to do and ticking them off throughout the year?

Become a part time dog walker
Now, we don’t mean starting your own business but why not help out your mate who has two kids or the elderly neighbour who finds it hard to take their pet out daily? You’ll be doing a good deed while getting some of the benefits of having a pet without breaking your rental agreement.

The whacky

Choose one colour and stick to it
Whether it’s gold shoes, teal tops or red trousers, pick a signature colour and run with it. Why not coordinate with your friends and get a pseudo Power Rangers thing going and make it your mission to earn the nickname ‘Purple Carol’ this year.

Perform more
It doesn’t matter if you don’t play an instrument or you’re not part of a theatre company, the world’s your stage. Grab every opportunity to sing, dance and be the centre of attention even if that does mean hogging the microphone at the next karaoke session.

Do a James Franco
Hollywood odd ball and super hottie James Franco is known for his experimental nature. From body art to a Motown-inspired spoken word band, James Franco has grabbed opportunity with both hands and has had a really interesting 12 months and taught us all to just do what we feel in the now. Inspiring stuff James.

Happy New Year everyone!

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