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‘Shit London’ photo of the day: Bad Promotion, Brixton

Posted at 8:00 am, January 15, 2013 in Fun London, Photos of London
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You have to worry about a club night when it uses toilet facilities in an attempt to lure punters in. Maybe all these years I’ve been going to rather exclusive clubs without realising it, because I can safely say that a unifying feature between all of them was that they had toilets.

The other thing that concerns about this sign is that they use ‘music’ as one of the lures to get people through the doors. Again I would’ve taken music as a pretty much expected if not central component to any decent club night. Without it, you’re just left with large, schizophrenically lit room with no audio barrier to the sounds of burps and farts that occur in large groups of people drinking fermented hop juice.

What the vibes may be I’m not sure, but from a place that sells itself on playing music and providing toilet facilities, all from an A4 photocopy sellotaped to a bin… I’m not expecting too much. Patrick Dalton

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