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#wordonthestreet: what you’ve overheard in London this week

Posted at 8:00 am, January 17, 2013 in Fun London
Butterflies - they're just spiders with wings. (Photo:  Jepp Fotojiwang)

“Butterflies: they’re just spiders with wings.”

Looking in the mirror. (Photo: edenpictures)

“They need to get some decent mirrors in this place. I don’t look good in any of these ones.”

In Soviet Russia, coat wears you. (Photo:  zaigee, Flickr)

“At least in Stalinist Russia the writer of ‘Seven Psychopaths’ could legitimately have been imprisoned.”

Getting undressed. (Photo: ontwerpplus)

“I had to take my clothes off four times.”

A really ugly cat.

“She had the most unfortunate face I’d ever seen. Until I saw her mother.”

A fox. (Photo: janscanon)

“I offered a fox 50p to get me a Snickers. I was very stoned.”

Pie and mash. (Photo: secretlondon123, Flickr)

“I can’t do pie and mash without beer. Chips are alright.”

Nuns on holiday. (Photo: pandrcutts, Flickr)

“Do nuns have an away kit? Like for when they go to other cities?”

Crazy shoes (Photo: woodleywonderworks, Flickr)

“Never marry a man who loves you for your shoes.”

Not sure what's going on here to be honest. (Photo: oxfamnovib, Flickr)

“Oh man, it is all change in Lidl.”

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