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London may or may not have talent…

Posted at 4:00 pm, January 18, 2013 in Fun London, TV

If there’s one thing that ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ has proved over the last few year’s, it’s that Britain’s got nutters. And quite a lot of people who you would probably trust to look after your cat, but who actually are so deluded about their own abilities that they shouldn’t be trusted to look after your pet rock. Luckily, more of them are on the verge of being identified as the BGT producers are holding open auditions for the next series of the show at The Oval in Kennington tomorrow (Saturday 19). If you want to encounter some of these people in the flesh, or if you actually have an incredible talent that should be shared with the British viewing public, (stop, think about whether you really do and then check with a trusted loved one) then head on down. Ashleigh Arnott (nothing to do with the dancing dog)

Find out more about the open audition at itv.com/talent

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