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Rumble in the Jumble #2: our top 10 tips for jumble survival

Posted at 6:00 pm, January 25, 2013 in Fun London, Shopping & Style

Do you remember a time when jumble sales were run by Girl Guides and were a cluster of school dinner tables filled with moth eaten tat that people didn’t deem good enough to send to the charity shop? Boy have things changed around here. Jumble sales got swish. They’re now properly run events with music, DJs and cakes. Really good cakes.

The Music Circle have been running around town collecting the crème de la crème of jumble from celebs as well as generous retailers for tomorrow’s jumble (Jan 26). There will be clothes for ladies and men, accessories, bric-a-brac a record stall assembled from DJs and bands’ personal collections. Just imagine celebrity stalls and donations from Lauren Laverne, Paloma Faith, Jessie Ware, Fearne Cotton, Daisy Lowe, Alison Mosshart, Gemma Cairney, Annie Mac, Jack Whitehall, House of Holland, The Broken Hearts, Marilyn Manson and many more.

Lipstick & Curls will be there with their pop-up retro hair salon, you can get some style advise in the stylists’ corner and get snapped in their photobooth, check out some ping-pong action from the Pongathon crew, food from Gizzi Erskine, full bar and DJs galore. Partnering up with Oxfam in aid of abused women in the Democratic Republic of Congo, just turn up on the day, pay £3 to get in and bring a decent bag of jumble to donate.

Rumble in the Jumble #2 is on Saturday January 26 at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club.

It’s a jumble out there. Here’s our top 10 survival tips…

BYOB That’s the non-alcoholic sort, Bring Your Own Bags. Fabric shoppers that you can fill to the brim are ideal.

Bring cash.  Preferably in small denominations so stall holders don’t have to spend all day finding change for big notes. Cards are no good at jumble sales.

Be hands free. An ample shoulder bag should do the trick so you can use both hands to rummage. No one wants a backpack in their face or to be tripped up by wheelie suitcases.

Try before you buy. Wear something you can easily try stuff over. Leggings and a figure hugging top are always a winner. Jumble sales are non-refundable so be sure of your purchases.

Get there early. The early bird catches the worm is all about jumble sales. Queues form quickly, especially if there is food and music involved. Stock is often replenished throughout but the good stuff is always out first.

Be nice. Stall holders have usually been up since the crack of dawn setting up so pleases and thank yous will get you far. They might even get you a discount.

Wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be on your feet as there is rarely any space to sit and as mentioned before they may be queues.

Don’t push. Don’t get sale rage and elbow your way to the front. Move around so no one gets stuck at the back for too long.

Pair up. Go with a friend, know what each other are looking for and split up. Or take turns staying with bags while the other does a lap.

Have fun. Jumble sales are great, cheap ways to update your wardrobes and you can go home with some amazing bargains. Plus it’s for charity so you’ll have a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you are helping save the world.

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