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Thriftstock 2013: buy a new wardrobe by the bagload

Posted at 9:15 am, February 2, 2013 in Shopping & Style

Billed as London’s largest EVER Jumble Sale (quite a claim), the East End Thrift Store are holding a mega sale guaranteed to fatten up your wardrobe from today (Feb 2) to Wednesday Feb 6. Not quite you traditional jumble, here the deal is that you can fill a bag for £10 or £20 with everything and anything from winter coats to summer dresses, menswear to ladies wear. Stock will be replenished every two hours throughout the five days: saturday includes a pop-up food stand,  sunday has live music and a bar and there’s more events still to be announced. WARNING: careful not to get too carried away and just shove any old thing into your bag as you could end up with loads more tat that you never wear (we learnt this the hard way!) Jude Brosnan

For info, see Thriftstock 2013 listing.

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