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The Kraftwerkout: flex your electronica muscles with our musical marathon

Posted at 3:00 pm, February 6, 2013 in Music & Nightlife
Kraftwerk © Muir Vidler

Which is the most influential band in history? The Beatles? The Stones? How about an isolated group of German über-nerds whose machine-like toil in a Düsseldorf studio invented computer music as we know it today? Kraftwerk’s influence on dance, hip hop and pop is unparalleled. The sounds they created on home-made electronic instruments have been sampled by Madonna, New Order, Afrika Bambaataa and even Coldplay. In short, they’re responsible for everything from beat-driven pop to thudding club bangers.

Ahead of Kraftwerk’s eight sold-out gigs at the Tate Modern which begin tonight (they play one album each night from Feb 6–14), Time Out Music editor Jonny Ensall, along with three willing Kraft-test dummies (above), spent six solid hours listening to eight classic Kraftwerk albums at home.

Do your own Kraftwerk marathon with our playlist:

Read the full story of Jonny’s Kraftwerk marathon and for details of Kraftwerk at the Tate Modern, see Kraftwerk listing.

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