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The Bill revisited: 5 celebrity cameos you’ll want to remember

Posted at 2:00 pm, February 6, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, TV

Two years after its passing, ‘The Bill’ does one more tour of duty courtesy of Wimbledon Film and Television Studios, where you can revisit Sun Hill’s finest moments in the company of Clive Wedderburn (aka PC Garry McCann). If you’re very fortunate, you may catch some of the following big names reliving the early years of polishing their craft. Gabriel Tate

Think of Keira Knightley and the first thing that springs to mind is dropped consonants and poor grammar, right? Well, this 1995 episode is where a star was born, as the ten-year-old protested ‘It ain’t me… I didn’t do nothing’. She did, though – that priceless coin collection didn’t steal itself.


Long before he got his collar felt for real, Brand played a young man accused (we think) of having irritatingly floppy hair by the conservative coppers of Sun Hill. He looks understandably sullen about the whole business.


Ah, yes. 1984. Not a year of sartorial highlights for anyone – least of all the future Boromir, who pitches up at a post office bearing an earring, a hammer and a shifty expression. The ensuing kerfuffle is a reminder of how gritty ‘The Bill’ once was. Catch Mr Bean from 39.30 in the video below.


The Scottish actor redefines the term ‘fresh-faced’ with every film appearance. Here he is aged 18, trying to get a nosy rozzer to leave him alone. By the looks of him, he’d been up all night worrying about it.


Topping his previous onscreen highlight (no, not ‘Tommy’ – we mean starring alongside Chesney Hawkes in ’Buddy’s Song’) was this bleak bit of business in which The Who singer plays a disturbed farmer going bonkers with a gun. All that’s missing is the sort of blood-curdling scream he unleashes in ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’.

For ticket details, go to Wimbledon Studios, The Bill Tour. Tours are every Sunday from Februrary 17 to April 21.

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