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You’re Bard! Shakespeare’s Globe announces its new season

Posted at 12:30 pm, February 7, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment
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Magic, trumpets and Neil Armstrong were all on the menu as Shakespeare’s Globe unveiled its 2013 season, which will open to public booking on Monday Feb 11. The mainstay of the season will be a trio of Shakespeare’s most magical plays: the great Roger Allam will star as the magician Prospero in Jamie Lloyd’s season-opening production of ‘The Tempest’ (Apr 23-Aug 18), which also feature ‘Merlin’s Colin Morgan as Ariel.

Next up, award-winning actress Michelle Terry will strap on the wings of fairy queen Titania in ever-popular comedy ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (May 24-Oct 12). And the last ‘big’ Shakespeare production will be a production of ‘Macbeth’ (Jun 22-Oct 13), directed by the great actress Eve Best (who has herself played both Lady Macbeth and her husband).

There’s also a trio of new plays: Samuel Adamson’s trumpet-based extravaganza ‘Gabriel’ (Jul 13-Aug 18), which will star award winning trumpeter Alison Balson (see her in action below); Jessica Swale’s ‘Blue Stockings’, a comedy about the struggle of the first British women to attend university (Aug 24-Oct 11); and Che Walker’s ‘The Lightning Child’, an anarchic riposte to Euripides’s ‘The Bacchae’ that includes a cameo from the first man on the moon (Sep 14-Oct 12).

Elsewhere there’ll be short stints for this year’s Globe touring productions: ‘King Lear’, the Henry VI trilogy, and an all-female ‘Taming of the Shew’. Plus there will be a smattering of international work as three shows from last year’s Globe to Globe festival – the South African ‘Venus & Adonis’, the Georgian ‘As You Like It’ and the Belarussian ‘King Lear’  – return, as well as Footsbarn’s ‘Indian Tempest’.

Finally, news on the Globe’s much anticipated indoor theatre: the first season will be announced on April 22, with the first season anticipated to start in January 2014.

For info, see shakespearesglobe.com. Watch Alison Balson below:

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