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In the Beginning was the End: be immersed underneath Somerset House

Posted at 10:00 am, February 8, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment

Did you know that there was a labyrinth of tunnels beneath Somerset House and Kings College? No, us neither. But immersive theatre experts Dreamthinkspeak did and they’ve used them for their latest experiential show ‘In The Beginning Was The End’. Taking inspiration from a scribbly Leonardo Da Vinci drawing ‘A Cloudburst of Material Possessions‘, this surreal promenade transports you to a eerie subterranean world where our reliance on technology and consumerism has ultimately been our downfall. Luckily, despite what is quite a bleak premise, the whole experience is surprisingly funny. The machines that bring about our end are useless hunks of junk and not very menacing at all; it is their impact on people’s lives combined with the spooky setting that leaves you feeling a tad creeped out. Good fun though, and with minimum interaction for those who hate that part of immersive theatre. Sonya Barber

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