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Dark times in Dalston as Efes pool hall loses alcohol licence

Posted at 3:00 pm, February 13, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink
Efes pool hall in Dalston © DG Jones

Hands up who has woken up overflowing with self loathing and hangover symptoms with an Efes stamp on their hand? In recent years, the Dalston pool hall has been transformed from a trad Turkish snooker spot to a late night hipster hangout with queues of kids gagging for a can of red stripe stretching down the block. But perhaps not for much longer. On February 5, Hackney Council revoked Efes licence which means that the pool pocket popping will continue, but the boozing will not. I can hear the sobs of east London’s scenester party kids from here. The decision was taken after an application from the Met Police on the grounds of ‘crime and disorder, public safety and prevention of public nuisance’ and ‘habitual breaches’ of its licence.

Efes have until Feb 26 to appeal the decision (and can continue serving alcohol up until then) so if you’re already having a panic attack, hot foot it over to Kingsland Road in the next few weeks to live up the glory days. If the appeal fails, will Dalston ever be the same again? Will Efes become BYO? Can other venues like Tipsy, Birthdays and The Nest absorb the Efes overspill? Will all the scenesters just move down to Peckham and take over their pool halls? Is this all Harry Styles from One Direction’s fault?! Watch this space…

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