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Five Valentine’s gifts that will bring you closer, literally

Posted at 1:30 pm, February 14, 2013 in Shopping & Style

You know that scene in Lady and the Tramp where they share the spaghetti? We know, sooooo romantic *voms*. Sharing really is caring so here are five slightly creepy Valentine’s gifts that are guaranteed to bring you and the one you love closer together. Literally. Jude Brosnan

1. Heart shaped double glove

Or love gloves, as we like to call them. Keep nice and snug while you are holding hands and skipping. They are basically a knitted, voluntary set of handcuffs. But warmer.

£15 Marks & Spencer

2. Double Bunny Love Poncho

Remember when wearing a onesie made you stand out at a festival? Now they are in every shop, on everyone’s mum, and a common party theme. Embrace the total lack of individuality (and independence) and get into twosies. Much better than trying to get two people in a onesie. Or is it?

£25 Asda

3. A tandem

Kate & Wills Tandem from Boris Johnson © James O Jenkins

On an adorable scale of one to kittens, tandems are about a nine. They are a wholesome, showy way of spending time together AND being active. Be even more adorable and coordinate outfits and kiss at traffic lights, cars waiting behind you will LOVE it.

4. Headphone Splitter

The days of making a mix tape for the one you love are pretty much over, as are the days of giving someone an ear of your Walkman as you rewind the cassette with your finger. Times have changed, so put together a playlist and have a listen together with some headphone splitters.

(These just happen to be heart-shaped) £5 Paperchase


5. Handcuffs

Clingy AND kinky, nothing says I love you like the clinking gift of handcuffs. Especially when said gift is opened in front of your parents. Still, we’ll take opening in front of parents over finding a pair in parents’ bedside cabinet any day.

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